Welcome to the TIMES2 Middle School Summer Assignments page

1. Middle School Math and English

A. Math: Please find links below for 7th and 8th grade summer math:

7th grade: Click here

8th grade: Click here

B. English:

Grade 7 (Incoming)

Read Chew on This by Eric Schlosser & Charles Wilson. As you read, think about the objective as written at the top of the journal directions. Carefully follow the provided directions to complete every entry for the journal. This assignment and the book will be collected by your 7th grade English teacher in the first week of school.

Chew on ThisClick here

Grade 8 (Incoming)

Complete the packet on Privacy vs Safety. This informative article has a set of reading and writing assignments that should be completed to the best of your ability and prepared for the first week of school. This complete assignment will be collected by your 8th grade English teacher.

Privacy vs Safety: Click here

Real live connection: Click here


2. High School Summer Reading and Syllabi 

A. Summer Reading

Reading Lists (grades 9-12): Click here

A. Syllabi

Reading Lists (grades 9-12): Click here

Childress (Math):

AP Statistics: Click Here

College Statistics: Click Here

Geometry: Click Here

Fontaine (Science):

Biology Syllabus: Click Here

Biology I: Click Here

Biology II: Click Here

AP Environmental Science: Click Here


AP Computer Science: Click Here

Computer Science I: Click Here

Geometry: Click Here


Pre-Calculus: Click Here

Calculus I: Click Here

Wynkoop, A:

English Course Overview : Click Here

Tentative English Course Selections: Click Here

English Summer Reading: Click Here

Wynkoop, C:

English I-II Rubric: Click Here

English I-IV Course Overview: Click Here

English II 2016-2017: Click Here

English III-IV Rubric: Click Here


Physics Syllabus: Click Here

AP Physics Syllabus : Click Here

Engineering Syllabus: Click Here