Education Committee

The Education Committee monitors, discusses, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on all issues affecting the academic integrity of the Academy (all things teaching and learning).

Education Committee Members

Mark Fontaine


Andrew Lay


Jennifer Aguiar


Christianne Fisher


Julie McLemore


Ana Barraza


Francisca Roquez


Alyah Moscoso


Maya Barraza


Aleana Tavarez


About The Education Committee

The committee is comprised of 9 (nine) members:

One committee chair, acting as a mediator without voting rights, Two Administrators, Two Teachers (one elementary, one secondary), Two Parents (one elementary, one secondary), Two Students (one senior, one junior, with an alternate available - the alternate is not an additional vote but rather a stand-in).

The committee will meet the first Tuesday of every month. Calls for agenda items will go out the previous week and the agenda will be published the Friday before the meeting. Attendance and participation is open to all members of our community.

All meetings will be announced to the community. Minutes will be recorded for each meeting and action items will be produced at the end of each meeting. All meeting minutes and action items will be stored and accessible to the entire community from the button near the top of this page.