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Grab & Go Thanksgiving Meals

Sodexo will be providing Elementary students with a Grab and Go Meal kit for the school closure during Thanksgiving Break. Due to the weight of the food items for the 5 day break, the meal kit will be broken up into 3 parts and students will bring a grocery bag home on the following days:

Friday, November 20th - Shelf Stable Milk, 1 loaf of sliced bread, 1 package of dinner rolls

Monday, November 23rd - 5# bag of potatoes & 5 apples

Tuesday, November 24th - 1 Butternut squash & 3# Sliced Turkey OR 1 package of chicken nuggets

For Middle/High students, Sodexo will be putting together 1 bag with all the components inside for them to take on Tuesday, November 24th. These bags will be set up for them to take prior to dismissal.



Published on November 18, 2020 | Categories: News