About Times2 Elementary

TIMES² Academy is a K-12 accredited charter public school committed to improve mathematics, engineering and science studies for urban youth in Providence, Rhode Island. TIMES² Academy prepares America’s next scientists, engineers and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state's requirements. The faculty and staff provide hands on learning experiences with a strong academic emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) principles, augmented by an innovative In-Field Learning Experience program that enables students to observe STEM based endeavors in the real world.

Grades K-5

Young minds are like newly formed galaxies. Full of energy, expansive & curious. Poised & ready to stretch out and make their mark in the universe. At TIMES2, we believe that every child is full of brilliance and potential. At TIMES2 Elementary, they discover it for themselves.

Dr. Kathleen Riordan

Elementary K-5 Principal