Summer Assignments & Syllabi

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Middle and High School - IXL Summer Challenge

Many of you have already started working on the IXL Summer Challenge – CONGRATULATIONS and GREAT JOB!!

For those of you who have not started yet, please log in and take the challenge.  It is only a 20 day program with a minimum of 28 questions per day.

You should be logging into the challenge for the grade you just finished (or the course you just finished).  The only exception is if you just completed 8th grade PLEASE TAKE THE 8TH GRADE MATH CHALLENGE, NOT ALGEBRA 1. 

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t rush! Challenge Zone questions can be tough and you will need to get several correct answers in a row to reach 100.  Check your answers, work carefully and use the knowledge you have gained from earlier questions in the skill.
  • Use IXL’s questions!  The Challenge Zone is about solidifying your skills, so if you miss a question, you should re-read the question to get the key steps and strategies you need for the question.
  • Remember that 100 is ALWAYS within reach!!  SmartScore is a measure of progress, so no matter how many question you may miss along the way, you always have the chance to reach mastery in a skill on IXL.


Times 2 Academy Summer Math and Language Arts 

This is for all students and is not summer school

Website Navigation:

Math IXL > Math > Skills Plan > IXL Summer Spotlight - 20 day program

Math IXL > Language Arts > Skills Plan > Summer Spotlight - 20 day program

Student Responsibility:

Summer Language Arts and Math is required for all students at Times 2 Academy.

Academic credit:

*The Language Arts and Math summer program counts as a full test grade.

*Students who do not complete the summer program by the start of the school year will be   assigned to the Academy’s after school program or Saturday program until complete.

*Parents to be notified during week one of the new school year and informed the program must be completed by the P1 grade period.