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TIMES2 Classroom Mold Remediation

To Our Community,

There has been information circulating on social media here that shows mold in one of our classrooms.

Due to the historic heat and humidity this summer, especially this August. We have found cooling pipe insulation being saturated with condensing water, (water within the air), which resulted in some areas of mold on the cooling pipe insulation above the ceiling area. We contacted our heating/cooling contractor to help resolve the problem. The following is the action that was taken:

  • We called in an insulation contractor to remove the wet insulation, dry the area, and replace the insulation in the first floor of the elementary building.
  • We increased the chiller temperature to above 45 degrees to help eliminate the condensation, surrounding the pipes.
  • We replaced wet ceiling tiles with new ones.

We continue to monitor and address issues concerning the operation of the system on a daily basis.

Published on August 29, 2018 | Categories: News