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TIMES2 Launches Innovative Afterschool Program Aimed At Increasing Student Outcomes and Equalizing Learning Opportunities for Providence Youth

PROVIDENCE — January 23, 2018 — TIMES2 STEM Academy announced increased investments in afterschool programs to increase student outcomes and provide authentic experiences. Ever increasing evidence substantiates the efficacy of afterschool programs. TIMES2 now offers eight STEAM related programs for students to explore.

“Our focus on providing our young learners with expanded experiential learning opportunities will help kids build community, culture and increase their love for the educational process!” said Dr. Rudolph Moseley Jr., TIMES2 Executive Director. “Traditionally, students from economically disadvantaged school districts have less Extended Learning Opportunities than their counterparts in well off districts. We are reversing that trend and improving outcomes!

The K-12 STEM school has a plethora of new and improved afterschool programs. These K-12 programs involve many community partners including the University of Rhode Island’s College of Engineering, Brown Medical School, IntraCity Geeks and Community Boating. The program’s collaboration with community partners ensures that students are provided relevant authentic learning opportunities and exposure to professionals in various career paths.

The academic and athletic programs serve nearly 200 Providence students K-12 with three 6-8 week sessions: fall, spring and summer. “There’s no reason that learning should stop at 2:45 p.m., particularly if the alternative is unsupervised time in front of a television set, or any of the dangerous or unhealthy behaviors that can ensnare children in the afternoons.” said Dr. Moseley.

TIMES² (Times squared) STEM Academy is a K-12 accredited charter public school committed to improve mathematics, engineering and science studies for urban youth in Providence, Rhode Island. Times² STEM Academy in Rhode Island, prepares America’s next scientists, engineers and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state’s requirements.

Our school name, Times2 is an acronym, which means: To Improve Mathematics, Engineering and Science Studies.

Being the only K-12 STEM school in Rhode Island, gives us the unique opportunity to prepare students for a lifetime of STEM career preparedness.

Published on January 22, 2018 | Categories: News