A Message from the Executive Director

Our vision at TIMES² STEM Academy is to set the standard for K-12 STEM education in the twenty-first century. TIMES² is rooted in rigorous academic excellence and community involvement where students can excel in academics and also build friendships that will last a lifetime.

TIMES² is a K-12 in-district public charter school committed to improving mathematics, engineering and science studies for urban youth in Providence, Rhode Island. TIMES² STEM Academy in Rhode Island, prepares America’s next scientists, engineers, and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state’s requirements.

Our faculty and staff provide hands-on learning experiences with a strong academic emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles, augmented by an innovative In-Field Learning Experience program that enables students to observe STEM-based endeavors in the real world.


Dr. Rudolph Moseley Jr.
Executive Director

TIMES² Elementary School

Dr. Carrie McWilliams,
Elementary Instructional Dean

Dr. McWilliams is 1 of 5 nationally-recognized Early Digital leaders according to the National Association of Elementary School Principalstrips, educational activities, and functions. She has overseen the implementation of several new break-through programs at TIMES² Elementary. Several of these programs include:

  1. A pilot school for Canadian based Squiggle Park Application, the only school in RI participating and conduction a white paper research student.
  2. K-1 students are learning Chinese culture and language in partnership with URI’s Confucius Institute.
  3. Young Drs. Club with our partner, Brown University. (Only school in RI)
  4. After school strings lessons
  5. Lego Robotics

Our Focus

TIMES² STEM Academy Elementary School fosters an environment where students and their families gain purposeful guidance as they equip themselves with the skills necessary to navigate their way through adolescent education.

This results in students who emerge ready for 21st-century post-secondary educations and careers

TIMES² Middle/High School

Celeste Terry-Lo,
Middle/High Instructional Dean

Ms. Terry-Lo is a recipient of the 2016 New Leaders, Roberts Award for School Innovation. The award is given to Principals who develop innovative solutions to address critical challenges within their school communities. Due to Mrs. Terry Lo winning this award, TIMES² received a $25,000 grant.

The TIMES² STEM Academy Summer STEAM Program will develop a summer curriculum in which principles of art and design will be utilized to provide students and the community exposure to the concept of design, but also to improve math skills with our students.

The program will be sustained through partnerships with community organizations such as Rhode Island School of Design. The summer program will focus on three tracks: graphic design, architecture, and video game design. The program will be for six weeks with a day program and evening classes.

Our Goal

Middle/High School at Times² STEM Academy is committed to improving mathematics, engineering and science studies. Times² prepares America’s next scientists, engineers, and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state’s requirements.

The faculty and staff provide hands-on learning experiences augmented by an innovative In-Field Learning Experience program that enables students to observe STEM-based endeavors in the real world.

TIMES² Exponential Experiences


“One-to-One” Laptop Program

Mounting evidence demonstrates that “One-to-One” laptop programs have a significant impact on curriculum, instruction, learning, and student academic performance.

Our “One-to-One” laptop one of the several reasons why Times² STEM Academy is ahead of the curve. This program will enable us to deliver a cutting-edge, twenty-first-century education to your child.


Begin with College in Mind

TIMES² is introducing 21 AP courses into the curriculum. The AP (advanced placement) program launched in 1955 and is the national standard for academic rigor and college readiness. It gives high school students the ability to take college-level courses while at TIMES². College courses are rigorous, and AP courses are the best way to prepare high-school students for collegiate success.

AP courses allow high school students to earn college credit, or at least skip college introductory courses.


Preparing Students for 21st Century Success

IntraCity Geeks CareerDevs Academy lead by Arnell Milhouse has been recognized by President Obama for their innovative computer science work with urban youth. ICG runs afterschool programs at the Elementary, Middle and High School Levels.

TIMES² families are eligible to receive a $1000 scholarship per child to attend the programs. At the elementary school level, ICG teaches CS-FUN 101 and at the middle/high school levels they run their CareerDevs Computer Science Academy.

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for your child and having them attend, please email arnell[at]intracitygeeks.org

By 2020, there will be over 1 million CS jobs and with programs like IntraCity Geeks these, our students will be ready for them.


IT Skills and Career Building

Cisco Networking Academy is an in-demand IT skills and career building program. TIMES² students and their parents will be able to take these after-school classes. The instructor is our very own Bill Bennett.

The courses follow a blended learning model—part classroom instruction and hands-on activities, part virtual environment. The foundation of the program is their cloud-based online learning environment, Cisco NetAcademuy. Students can interact and work together with their classmates and instructors through social media, mobile, and video.


Science Advances with Fits and Starts

The TIMES² STEM Academy High School Science Fair took place on January 19, 2017 and involved over 150 student projects.

Projects ranged from research on feminism in education, to studies on filtering/cleaning water to behavioral changes in animals based on the light spectrum frequencies to whether or not excersice improved student memories and test scores.

Each student had to select a scientific question that interested them. After researching, they had to form a hypothesis, scientifically test it and publish their results.


Building Skills for Life

2016/17 was a great year for interscholastic sports at TIMES². The boys varsity basketball team achieved a 14-1 record, captured their first division title, and the number one playoff seed.

Boys middle school basketball achieved an 8-2 record and advanced to the semi-finals. Girls middle school basketball also advanced to the playoff semi-finals and finished with a 5-4 record.

Our boys high school soccer team made it to the league semi-finals. Our girls high school soccer team had 24 players, and our middle school co-ed soccer (12 girls/14 boys) made it to the semi-finals!

Success and Access Often Go Together

TIMES² STEM Academy has purchased two Student transportation vans. The arrival of the vehicles will extend our ability to support our athletic department and provide our students access to special events, colleges, field trips, educational activities, and functions.

Education on the Cutting Edge

At TIMES² we believe that a big part of education is leadership, and as an organization, we believe in leading by example. Our school and students have garnered the attention and audience of Governors, Mayors, major universities, companies, and technology events.

During the 2016/2017 year, hundreds of our students marched to the State House (twice) to stand up against human trafficking and to defend women’s rights.

In December 2016, TIMES² hosted the state of Rhode Island’s first Computer Science Hackathon. HackRI was supported by local tech companies, RIPTA and attended by industry professionals, college students and students from TIMES².

Times2 STEM Academy, sponsored by the University of Rhode Island, had the honor of sending Phidias Mendez and Kimberly Flores, two of our outstanding students, and Mrs. Dinka Morillo as their chaperone, to the SHPE’s national conference in Seattle, WA on November 2016. This was an opportunity of a lifetime.

K-12 Leadership Team

Providence Mayor Elorza with students and faculty


HackRI – The state’s first computer science hackathon. Created by IntraCity Geeks and held at TIMES²


SHPE national conference in Seattle Washington