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Recruiting Board Members

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Times 2 Board Member Job Description

Job Title: Board Member

Accountability: Board of Directors

General Function: To participate as a member of the Board of Directors, which is responsible for establishing the identity and strategic direction of the organization, ensuring adequate resources, and providing financial oversight.

Key Roles: Responsible for the fulfillment of the Times2 mission and for the stewardship of the organization’s finances.

Board Member Duties & Expectations:

Organization Oversight

● with the guidance of the President, participate in evaluating the Organization’s Executive Director (ED).

● Support and advise the ED as appropriate.

● Participate actively in assessing Organization performance.

● Support the annual budgeting process and planning of programmatic goals.

● Actively seek to understand Organization finances and engage in the financial oversight process (e.g., approval and oversight of the budget, acceptance of the annual audit report, etc.).

Strategic Direction and Planning

● Know, shape and uphold the history and mission of the Organization.

● Participate in development and approval of the organization’s strategic plan and/or in the Board’s ongoing work to implement and support the plan.

● Perform all other duties that may be necessary to carry out the mission of the Organization.

Resource Development & Advocacy

● Seek to identify and cultivate donors and other resources (individuals, corporate leaders, foundations, etc.)

● Serve as an ambassador in the community.

● Participate in and support Organization’s fundraising activities, including signature annual event(s).


● Complete the orientation session for new Board members.

● Attend and participate in board meetings (the Board typically meets 12 times per year; once monthly, including an annual retreat. Board members must notify the Board President in advance if they are unable to attend a meeting.

● Serve as a member of - and actively participate on - two standing committees (each committee will typically meet once every other month).

● Participate in Board leadership and development activities and Board self-assessment.

● Upon joining the Board and annually thereafter, disclose potential conflicts of interest. Avoid conflicts of interest but disclose them when potential conflicts arise.

● Maintain confidentiality of all Board meetings.

Please forward ALL application information to:

Dianne Hennessy

t: (203) 322-0538 | d: (203) 595-4226

Email: dhennessy@OperationsInc.com

383 Main Avenue | Fourth Floor | Norwalk, CT 06851

While we are accepting all applications, our Board Matrix has been reviewed to identify skill gaps to help diversify and strengthen our Board team. These are:


    • Law - education, employment/EEOC and contracts
    • Higher Education
    • Special Education - Federal/State
    • Strong Executive Leadership
    • District/State Education Administration
    • Government - relationships/knowledge of state agencies-City of Providence, state legislatures, etc
    • Human Resource Management
    • STEM/STEAM Foundation with an Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion lens

Ideally, we want to identify candidates that authentically care about the students, families, and communities served by Times2. If someone has expressed interest and does not fit the above profile, please do not hesitate to pass along their information for consideration. The BM job description is outlined above so that interested candidates can learn more about the role.

All candidates will need to submit their resume, statement of interest, and short biography to Dianne Hennessy.

Published on December 13, 2022 | Categories: News